Air Conditioners Guide

The following is an extract of the installation voucher as included with the Bauer mid wall split air conditioners when purchased with installation.

Limited 2 Year Warranty and Customer Installation Guide

  1   Thank you for choosing a Bauer air conditioner. Bauer air conditioners are built to the highest international standards and are designed to operate  effiently for many years. This efficiency is highly dependant on the quality of installation and regular service & maintenance, and in order for you to experience it to the maximum we recommend you follow the steps mentioned below.

2.  Once the air conditioner has been delivered to your home you should contact our National Installation Center in Johannesburg to arrange for one of our authorized installers to complete the installation and validate your warranty. Units not installed by our authorized installers are not covered by this warranty.

3.  Please insure that you have the correct goods delivered. Check the cartons. There must be two sealed cartons per air conditioner. Take note that they both have the same model number. Eg. KFR35GW, If the cartons are not sealed or if they are damaged or not delivered upright, please notify your selling dealer of this immediately, as the units will not be installed if any parts are missing or damaged.                    

Air Conditioning Help and installation Line: Phone 0861 101 913

Fax a copy of voucher to 011 440 4445. 

4.   All requests for installations and service must be directed to our help line on the above phone number. Installations not booked through our installation centre are not covered by warranty. Please quote your voucher number when booking an installation.

5.   Please complete the details on the attached voucher and advise the installation centre of the voucher number. An installer will then contact you to make arrangements for the actual installation. Every endeavor will be made to complete your installation within seven working days from date of receipt of all your information being received by our Installation centre. This work will only be carried out during normal business hours ie between 08h00 and 17h00 excluding weekends and public holidays. Please note. neither Bauer nor its agents will be responsible for any claims of whatever nature due to late installation.         

6.   Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the purchase price paid includes installation within a fifty-kilometer radius of the retail store from where the air conditioner was purchased. This installation is for a ground floor, "back to back" installation and includes piping, gas, and brackets. Units supplied with a power cable and plug can be connected to an existing nearby socket. No additional electrical work is included. For units over 18000BTU capacity, we recommend these be connected through an isolator switch. (Not included)

7.   Whilst every care will be taken to keep damage to walls and finishes to a minimum, remedial work shall be limited to closing the hole around the piping. Painting is expressly excluded.                                                                                                 

8.   Neither Bauer Appliances nor any of its agents shall be held responsible for any damage, consequential or otherwise to the customer's property regardless of the cause.                                                                    

9.  Any extra work must be negotiated directly with the installer prior to the work being started.                                                 

10. Since Bauer Appliances is not aware of the circumstances under which the unit is purchased or will operate, we cannot warrant that the unit is fit for the purpose it was purchased.                                                                                               

11. On completion you will be asked to sign a release form stating that the work has been done to your satisfaction.

12. Important Note. This warranty is wholly dependent upon regular maintenance and servicing by a competent technician. Services should be carried out every 12 months under normal conditions and more frequently under more severe conditions I.e. dust. factory or Industrial sites etc. Failure to adhere to this condition will render the warrantee null and void.                                      

If you have any query, you should discuss it with the Installer before signing the release

In order to make the installation of your Bauer air conditioner fast efficient, please ensure that: 

  • the correct items supplied by the store. You should have 2 cartons with the same model numbers, e.g., KFR25G and KFR25W only the G and the W should differ. The number (25) must be the same.

  • Confirm with your installer if there will be any additional charges before the work is started, if so, get a quotation. Any extra work is to be negotiated with the installer and should be paid directly to him.
  • A Responsible person can be on site when the installation is to be done, we can not move units after fitting.

  • You  are familiar with the conditions on the "Customer installation guide", note the last 2 paragraphs.

  • This document and the "Air conditioning installation agreement and release" are on the site at the time of installation.

  • Ensure that you have the correct strength unit. You will need 600BTU for each square metre of sealed off room.

If you need any clarification or assistance, please contact our installation centre on 0861101913.

The left hand side of the following portion of the installation voucher needs to be completed by the customer as per guide above.